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The current construction and architecture industry has drastically changed. It has become a prerequisite for firms to appoint specialized consultants to liason and handle varied services related to infrastructure.

What is Liasoning?

Liasoning refers to the communication between two or more people or groups wherein a person acts as an agent or intermediary between the parties.

Who takes care of the Liasoning in construction?

Liasoning architects Pune / Engineer are consultants who take care of specialized jobs. They are considered to be a separate entity and act as an intermediary between the various agencies and departments who are involved in the construction business.

What are the duties of a Liasoning Architect / Engineer ?

While executing a project the principal architects takes care of detailed planning and coordinating with the consultants related to infrastructural services only. A Liasoning Architect / Engineer plays an important role for the smooth execution and completion of a project. They are appointed to take care of the following services:

• Coordinating between the Sanctioning Authorities and Principal Architect / Engineer
• Follow up with various departments and Government authorities
• Obtaining sanctions for the projects
• Fills the gap between the government offices, construction companies and other related agencies
• Resolving various legal and other issues that are related to construction

Who can become a Liaison Architect / Engineer ?

A liaison Architect / Engineer can also be called as a legal mind that ensures the success of construction without any stress. Their services are indispensable and you can easily plan and construct in any place within the law’s reach under their guidance and efficient execution of the various formalities.

• A lawyer, local civil architect or any legal officer can act like a liaison architect / Engineer
• A person who is qualified and efficient to ensure proper co-ordination between various entities involved in the construction project.
• A person who is completely aware of all the legal formalities and rules related to construction

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